The Medical Student International (MSI) is a biannual magazine that focuses on global health perspectives brought by medical students worldwide. It is published both in print and online at each General Assembly (March Meeting and August Meeting). The thematic section of each MSI aligns with the one of its respective meeting, as decided by the Federation. Additionally, the magazine features articles from medical students on their perspectives and activities related to our standing committees: public health, medical education, human rights, sexual and reproductive health, professional and research exchanges. It also includes a section on the best projects of IFMSA that are nominated for the Rex Crossley Award.

In a short summary, the MSI is an interactive, engaging and inspiring magazine, given a space for medical students around the world to communicate their projects, ideas, and initiatives.

Check out the last edition of the MSI – Issue 40 – published in August 2019.

For the previous editions of the Medical Students’ International (MSI), visit our Library.