Programs Activities

IFMSA Program Activities are organized by National Member Organizations of IFMSA on a local, national or international level, as well as by International Assistants and members of the Team of Officials of IFMSA. Each IFMSA Activity is affiliated with a relevant IFMSA Program and represents one of the steps that work towards achieving the goal of this program.

Activities represent diverse types of activities, campaigns, research projects, community projects, events, conferences, workshops but not limited to. In order to affiliate activity with an IFMSA Program, this activity has to be organized by an IFMSA NMO and has to serve the purpose and goal of the program.

To enroll, please contact the IFMSA Program Coordinator or visit the section on IFMSA Programs. IFMSA Program Activities already affiliated with IFMSA Program can be found in IFMSA Programs Database.


Prior to each of our General Assemblies and Regional meetings, IFMSA organizes a series of parallel workshops, usually of a length of 3 working days. Those workshops complement the content of our meetings, by providing students (including non-medical students) the opportunity to get trained in a specific issue or topic.

For instance, recently the following themes were addressed during the pre-General Assemblies workshops: climate change and health, health migration, access to safe abortion, alcohol policy, advocacy and external representation, research skills, global surgery, medical education skills, and many more!

Participants can register even if they are not part of the National Member Organization official delegation. For more details, visit Our Meetings section.

Capacity Building

IFMSA also has a very active division working on capacity building, to ensure that members have the skills to grow as leaders. IFMSA organizes training workshops oriented on soft and hard skills (leadership, group management, communication, etc); and also overviews several sub-regional activities. Visit our Training Section for more!